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  • How Marshall helped lead Kansas to the Big 12 title

    It was a good game for the Jayhawks.They had a nice shot at getting into the top four and had a chance to be a playoff team.They just didn’t play well.And it was a disappointing game for Marshall quarterback Bryce Petty.The Jayhawks fell short of a conference title, but they got a little revenge for […]

  • Ducks football players take part in a drill

    DUCKS FOOTBALL PLAYERS PLAYED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR CAREER ON A SUNDAY FOOTY SCHEDULE – EAGLE FOOTERY VIDEO The players and staff at the Duck Stadium have worked hard to make sure that all the boys and girls in the community can enjoy a great football game. The day started off with a football […]

  • How college football has changed since the beginning of the new millennium

    The college football era has been a roller coaster of ups and downs.With the advent of the NCAA in 2010, college football entered a new era, with the formation of the SEC, Big 12, Pac-12, Big Ten and the ACC.The growth of college football was rapid, with programs like Texas A&M, LSU and Auburn quickly […]

  • Which players from the Mizzou Football team have the biggest fan bases?

    The Mizzowas football team has a large following, with thousands of fans watching the Tigers play every game at the Georgia Dome.And for some fans, it’s not just the players.According to a new report from The Huffington/YouGov, the Miamis football team is the most popular in the nation.The report found that Mizzawas fans spend more […]

  • How to make it to the College Football Playoff title game

    Posted February 15, 2018 09:17:16When it comes to the college football title game, there are only two things that can count.First, you’re going to win it.And second, you have to beat the top ranked team.That’s how the college bowl games are decided.But there is another way to earn your share of the honor, and that’s […]

  • Boise State football schedule to be released this afternoon

    The schedule for the 2016 Boise State Broncos will be released today.The Broncos will play six home games and nine road games.The 2016 Boise Stampede will kick off at 7:30 p.m.ET on Saturday, Aug. 25 at Idaho St. This will be the first time the Broncos will host the Stampedes since 2003.The Broncos will face […]

  • How to talk to a player about their head injuries

    The head injury scare has been building for years.Players have been told they can’t wear helmets, and when they do they have to put on a helmet.But now it’s a problem for more than just the players.In the last three weeks alone, seven players have been struck by concussions in a span of two days, […]

  • How to watch Florida football without a TV, says CBS Sports columnist

    As you can probably tell, I’m in love with Florida football.The Gators are the No. 2 team in the country, and they’re just 11-0 with their win over the Florida State Seminoles.And while Florida isn’t expected to make a big push to be a Top 10 team in any major league, I think they have […]

  • NFL fans are ready to throw the game of football out of season

    By Dan ShaughnessyPosted November 11, 2017 12:37pmWhen the season comes to an end, the fans who have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a home for their team may not have much time to spend.For some, the NFL will be the only sport to keep their season on track, but for others, it […]

  • Bill O’Reilly: Trump should have been president for three years

    Bill OReilly, a conservative commentator who hosts The O’REILLY FACTOR, has called on President Donald Trump to resign for not doing enough to prevent a massacre at a Minnesota mall, as the White House faces backlash over his comments.In a new book titled “The Donald’s War on Journalism,” O’Reillys co-author Michael Isikoff writes that Trump […]

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