Watch: The Big 12 is still trying to figure out how to use its conference name

The Big Ten and Big 12 conferences have decided to use different names in order to avoid confusion with each other.

The Big 12 has announced that it will use “Big 12” instead of “Big Ten” for the conference, which is currently in a dispute with the Big Ten.

The league has yet to make a decision about how it will name its football team.

The decision has sparked an argument in the Big 12 community about how the name Big 12 should be used.

Kansas State, for example, is currently trying to make changes to its name, but the Big Six and Big Ten are trying to keep the name the same.

The new name could help ease some of the confusion in a region that already has two major conferences.

In 2015, Kansas and Kansas State were the only Big 12 schools not to play each other in football, as the league had a conference schedule.

In 2018, Kansas won the Big Eight and went on to win the Big XII.

The conference also has a neutral site, which means Kansas is not on its own team in all games.

The two-year term of the Big12 is set to expire in 2019, and the league has not announced a new name yet.