How to watch college football in the best way

College football is going to be played for a few more years and fans have a lot to be excited about.

We’ll start with the college football picks for the first few years of the season.

There are so many picks to make here, but for this guide, we’re only focusing on the top five picks.

Here are the best picks in college football for the rest of the year.1.

Ohio State BuckeyesOhio State, 4-01, 4th in Big Ten EastAfter Ohio State beat Penn State in the Big Ten championship game and took down Wisconsin in the regular season, the Buckeyes have now beaten five top-10 teams and won five games against top-12 teams.

With the Buckeye offense finally starting to click, the defense looks like a playoff contender.

In the preseason, Ohio State looked dominant, but now that it’s been through a few preseason games, they’re looking to get back to that level.

They might have a tough time beating anyone in the conference, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get into the playoffs.2.

Wisconsin BadgersWisconsin, 2-5, 1st in Big 12WestThere’s been a lot of hype around Wisconsin this season.

After a very slow start, they finally made the leap last year and are now just a game behind Iowa and Michigan State for the national title.

Wisconsin is going into the Big 12 championship game with a huge chance at a top-three seed.

They’ll also be facing off against TCU in the BCS championship game, and with the Badgers’ strength of schedule, they should be able to do it.3.

Louisville CardinalsLouisville, 4.5-1, 2nd in ACCEastA lot of people will point to Louisville’s lack of wins as a reason for the Cardinals losing to Notre Dame.

But with five of their last seven losses coming by double digits, losing to the Irish is not a good sign for them.

Their last two losses to Notre in the ACC were close, but they ultimately lost by just two points in overtime.4.

Michigan WolverinesMichigan, 4.-1, 3rd in Big 10WestMichigan is looking like one of the best teams in the country heading into the season, but it will be interesting to see how their season plays out in the postseason.

If they can get a few wins, they could make a run to the Big 10 championship game.

But if they lose to a team that’s still competing in the AAC, they’ll have to play a couple games in the NCAA tournament.5.

Washington HuskiesWashington, 4½-1-1 Big EastThe Huskies are currently the favorite to win the Pac-12 South, but there are some things that could change in the final four.

Injuries to some of the key players, including senior wide receiver Chris Borland and senior linebacker Matt Ioannidis, could have a significant impact on how well Washington performs in the first four games.

That being said, Washington should have a good chance at the conference title if they win all their remaining games.6.

Texas LonghornsTexas, 2.5/1, 1.5 conferenceSouthAfter losing to Oklahoma State in last week’s game, the Longhorns are now 2-1 against the top-two teams in their conference.

With a trip to Houston looming, this team has to make the trip.

The Longhorns will play a tough schedule that includes a road game against TCU and a home game against Notre Dame in the College Football Playoff semifinals.

The most important games will be against top teams in each conference.7.

Clemson TigersClemson, 2/1-2 ACCSouthClemson lost to Kentucky in the title game of the ACC Tournament, and after losing to Georgia in the SEC Tournament, the Tigers are still the top team in the league.

However, the game against Louisville was one of their worst in years.

They could go down this year, and while the Tigers might be better than last year, they don’t have a very good chance of beating the top teams.8.

Georgia BulldogsGeorgia, 2½-3, 1 ACCEastGeorgia’s two losses have come in overtime, and they were forced to play the ACC title game on the road against Louisville and South Carolina.

If Georgia plays the ACC opener, it will have to overcome a strong defense and a tough offense.9.

Miami HurricanesMiami, 2.-1-0 Atlantic CoastThe Hurricanes are back after a long break.

The Hurricanes won four games last year to finish with a winning record, but were upset by LSU in the national championship game for the third time in four years.

This season, they are starting to play with a new quarterback, but he’s already proven that he can win a championship.10.

North Carolina Tar HeelsNorth Carolina, 2,2-0 ACCSouthThe Tar Heel offense is still developing, and the defense needs some help.

The defense has struggled in the last few weeks,