Ducks football players take part in a drill

DUCKS FOOTBALL PLAYERS PLAYED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR CAREER ON A SUNDAY FOOTY SCHEDULE – EAGLE FOOTERY VIDEO The players and staff at the Duck Stadium have worked hard to make sure that all the boys and girls in the community can enjoy a great football game. 

The day started off with a football scrimmage at 7.30am. 

“We took our usual warm-ups and ran through the field with the team and we got to the field and there was a very nice turnout and the game was going well,” a visibly proud coach said. 

A few minutes after that, the team started their warm-up drills with a drill for the kicker. 

In the end, the boys kicked a 60-yard field goal. 

And the team finished their drills with some traditional kicking drills. 

But the most impressive thing about this day was the reception the players received from their parents.

“They were all really nice to us,” a boy named Naseem said.

“They all thanked us, gave us a hug, and they congratulated us.” 

For a team with an average age of only 17, the response was something to be proud of. 

Naseem was a first-year student in the sports and entertainment department of the school, and he said he has seen some really special moments in his time here. 

He said he also feels very grateful to his parents for helping him achieve what he has done. 

Duck fans can enjoy all their football on Sunday and there will be many more opportunities for them to see the Ducks play this year. 

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