When the Cowboys Are Back, They’re Back in Top Spot

The Dallas Cowboys have notched a 13-3 record, their second consecutive winning season and their third in four years, with wins over the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots in their last two games.

That includes wins over Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, two of the NFL’s best teams.

The Cowboys have won their past five games by a combined score of 107-53, and have been to the playoffs three of the past four years.

“You don’t have to look far to find some of the greatest teams in NFL history,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said.

“If you don’t know how to play, you’re going to be out in the desert in a year or two.”

Ahead of the Cowboys’ trip to Houston for the Texans, I sat down with ESPN’s John Clayton to discuss his team’s recent dominance of the AFC West.

How can the Cowboys continue to win despite losing some key pieces?

Clayton: There are some questions with the Cowboys going forward.

First, I think the offense will be good, with Dak Prescott returning.

I think it’s going to improve in the short term.

I also think the defense is going to continue to improve.

The team that can improve in terms of winning games, I don’t see any teams having any problems doing that.

I know that’s going be the focus going forward, but I think Dallas has done a great job in terms for the offense.

I can’t think of a quarterback who is more accurate than Prescott.

And he’s the best in the game right now.

He’s a guy that you’re looking at as the quarterback that is going be on the top of the field for the rest of the time, not just in the first half, but the entire game.

What do you think has helped Dallas stay in the playoffs this season? Clayton