Which teams are the best in the Pac-12?

A look at the best and worst teams in the conference and whether they can hold onto their spot in the Playoff picture.

The NCAA Football Playoff has been around for a few years now, but the process of selecting the teams has taken longer than most people expected.

As of January, the NCAA announced that only two teams had qualified for the playoff.

That means four teams remain in the race to win the conference title, with Arizona and Oregon still in the hunt for a wild-card spot.

Arizona and USC, meanwhile, are tied at No. 7 in the polls and Arizona State is in second place.

There are five other teams in play for a spot in a bowl game: Oregon State (No. 8), UCLA (No 7), Oregon (No 6), Oregon State, Washington State (no. 9), and Washington (no 10).

Here’s a look at all five teams in action.

Who are the Pac 12’s best teams?

The Arizona Wildcats are currently No. 3 in the AP poll, but they haven’t played a top-10 team since the season-opener against Oregon State.

That’s because of a series of injuries.

Arizona’s offense was so bad that quarterback Jameis Winston struggled to find space and finished the game with just one TD pass, and the Wildcats were unable to score a single point.

That season, they went 8-6 in Pac-10 play, with one loss in the Fiesta Bowl.

But this season, Arizona is 6-1 and tied for the conference lead in total offense, passing for 2,072 yards and 26 TDs.

The Wildcats are averaging 39.1 points per game, good for second in the league behind only USC (46.9).

They have the best rushing attack in the nation (7.9 yards per carry), but they’ve also scored on just 14.1 percent of their offensive possessions, which ranks dead last in the Big 12.

They are allowing only 30.4 points per contest, the third-best mark in the country behind only Oregon State and Washington State.

They have also scored a touchdown on just 13.3 percent of possessions, the lowest mark in that category in the Conference USA.

What has the Washington State Cougars done?

Washington State has the second-best defense in the West and ranked No. 5 in the BCS standings this season.

It has surrendered just 38.3 points per possession this season (24th in the NCAA) and is allowing just a league-low 19.3 total points per outing.

The Cougars have also allowed just 15.4 yards per play, which is the fifth-lowest mark in Division I football.

They also are averaging just 7.1 yards per drive, the second worst mark in college football behind only Nebraska (8.7).

But Washington State is allowing 3.3 yards per rush, the fourth-lowth-most in the FBS.

They haven’t allowed more than 200 yards rushing in any game this season and have allowed just two touchdowns.

What about the Oregon Ducks?

The Ducks are coming off back-to-back winless seasons and are now just 4-8 in Pac 12 play.

Oregon State is 6–4 this season but has played the worst schedule in the field, as its home games have gone 11-10 and 12-6.

They’re also averaging just 17.5 points per matchup, the fifth lowest mark of any team in the C-USA.

The Ducks have been able to get the ball out quickly, but their rushing attack has been too stagnant.

They’ve been sacked 21 times and allowed 21 sacks.

They need to find a way to get offensive coordinator Todd Graham to give them some much-needed touches.

What have the Pac 13’s best defenses done?

The Oregon Ducks are currently in the midst of a two-game losing streak.

Oregon has been shutout twice this season: by USC last week and by Stanford last week.

The first loss came in a 44-31 loss to USC, and both losses came at the hands of Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota.

Oregon lost its last two games against Arizona State, but has been winning games lately against Stanford and Washington.

Arizona State has allowed just 26 points per day, the sixth-best defensive efficiency in the ACC.

Washington State allowed 23 points per home game this year, but allowed just 17 on the road.

What’s next for the Pac 10?

The Pac 10 is back for another season with three teams in their own bowl game.

Arizona is in a wild card game, but Oregon State has already clinched a spot.

Washington, Oregon State will face each other in the Rose Bowl and will play a rematch against USC in the national semifinal.