How college football’s college bowl playoff system is shaping up

By Andrew GreifOctober 20, 2018 7:31pmCollege football’s College Bowl Playoff is one of the most competitive in sports, and the playoff system has been on the rise.

But how are the bowls set up?

How do teams get to the top of the rankings?

And how much money are they getting?

These are the biggest questions about the College Football Playoff that will be answered in this week’s edition of “Power Lunch.”

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Join Andrew Greitschutz, host of Power Lunch, and his guest, former football player and current columnist and author Dave Birkett, for a deep dive into college football and its playoff system.

Join Dave as he talks about his experiences as a college football player, how college football has evolved, and how the Power Lunch will make sure the college football playoff is the best it can be.

Dave is the founder and co-owner of the Sports Business Journal and a frequent contributor to the ESPN College Football Podcast.

Dave is the author of two books, the upcoming book, “The Power of Five: Inside the World of College Football,” and the upcoming “The Ultimate College Football Book: How Teams Make the Playoffs.”

Dave has been a broadcaster and contributor for CBC Radio Toronto, Sportsnet, and CBC Radio, and also has been the guest on radio programs like Power Lunch and The Agenda.

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