Bill O’Reilly: Trump should have been president for three years

Bill OReilly, a conservative commentator who hosts The O’REILLY FACTOR, has called on President Donald Trump to resign for not doing enough to prevent a massacre at a Minnesota mall, as the White House faces backlash over his comments.

In a new book titled “The Donald’s War on Journalism,” O’Reillys co-author Michael Isikoff writes that Trump should be impeached for the Mall shooting.

He argues that Trump, a Republican, is a racist and has shown no moral compass, while his decision to back the NRA, which has been labeled a terrorist organization, will have a devastating effect on American society.

The book is scheduled to be released on Friday.

It was co-authored with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and political commentator Ezra Klein.

O’Reilly, who has been critical of Trump, said Friday he was “appalled” by the president’s comments, which were widely condemned by news outlets.

O’Neil’s book is an accurate account of the events leading up to the attack.

The NRA, he said, is “a terrorist organization.”

“What happened at the mall in Minnesota was an attack by a terrorist group, and that group was the NRA,” O’thry said in an interview Friday.

“They are a terrorist outfit that has no moral conscience whatsoever.”

O’Reilly, a former Fox News host who is a regular guest on The OREILLYS FACTORY, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow he would be willing to testify against Trump in a court of law if needed.

He also said he would not resign.

O’miller, who is also co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” told Maddow that he has been asked to testify before Congress in a criminal case related to the Mall shootings, though he declined.

He said he will make that decision in the coming days.

O’reiller’s book includes an account of how he witnessed the massacre at the Minnesota Mall.

In the book, O’Brien describes seeing Trump, who was sitting in his car, and other officials “stand in a circle watching the mall unfold in the background.

They did nothing.

They just stood there, as if they were spectators.

That is the moment when we all saw the attack.””

I saw Trump, and he just sat there and he watched it,” O’miller said.

“And then he just got up and walked away.”

He described the incident as “a total shock to the system.”

“They knew what was happening, they knew that the people were coming,” O’reiller said, adding that he believes Trump knew about the attack before he was elected president.

Oreilly said he spoke with members of Congress who have been asked by O’Neill to testify on Capitol Hill.

O’milly said it was difficult for them to come to terms with what he saw, and they had trouble understanding why Trump did not react sooner.

Omaha World-Herald reported that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is considering O’Malley as a witness in its probe into the Mall incident.

The Mall shooting prompted O’Sullivan to speak out on the Hill about the need to prosecute gun-rights advocates, and on Friday he released a statement saying that he will be willing and able to testify about the incident and the role of the NRA in it.

Omicroniello told the Omaha World-Nerdist that he was inspired to write his book by a CNN reporter who told him the NRA’s position was “the most dangerous of any group on the planet.”

Omicronello also said that O’Neal’s book, which he hopes to publish as an eBook, was inspired by a conversation he had with a group of young people at the University of Wisconsin who wanted to know why they didn’t vote for Trump.

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