Why Alabama’s defensive coordinator will be fired

Posted November 16, 2018 06:12:33In case you’ve forgotten, Alabama defensive coordinator Lane Kiffin was fired last week.

The firing came on the heels of a 6-7 start to the season.

It was Kiffin’s first as a head coach and his second as a member of the Crimson Tide.

Kiffin, who coached for the Trojans for four seasons, was also the defensive coordinator at Oregon from 2009-11.

He spent a season as defensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Rams from 2008-09 before heading to the NFL in the wake of the 2009 season, and he also served as the defensive backs coach for the Oakland Raiders from 2011-13.

He also spent four seasons as the head coach at Tennessee, but that job went to former Titans defensive coordinator Mike Mularkey.

The Titans hired Lane Kiffler last year as the interim head coach, but he didn’t have much success in his first season with the Titans.

In his first year as Alabama’s head coach in 2017, the Tide had a 3-6 record and a 7-6 mark in games played, and Kiffin left the job after three games.

He was fired in April of 2018.

While the hiring of Kiffin as Alabama head coach wasn’t exactly a surprise, the firing came just days after Alabama had a bye week.

That was the only bye week the Tide played in 2017 and the coaches next scheduled game was a bowl game against Washington State.

That game was against USC, who went on to beat the Trojas.

Kiffler’s hire as interim coach didn’t go over well with many in the Alabama fan base.

Alabama’s fanbase, in particular, was unhappy with the fact that Kiffin wasn’t taking the reins of the program at the end of his contract and the team’s coaching search was on.

Some fans believed that Kifflites lack of coaching experience and the fact he didn t want to be in a coaching job didn’t help.

While Alabama’s fans didn’t want Kiffin to be a part of the team, they didn’t expect him to be fired either.

Some have called the firing a way to make it seem like the Crimson Raiders are not as bad as they once were.

Kiffin also was a popular head coach with fans of other SEC schools, and Alabama’s players felt that the move was a way for the coaching search to get a full slate of candidates and a coaching staff.