NFL season kicks off with preseason finale, a rivalry between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints

The NFL season is set to kick off with a preseason finale that will see two teams from the same division battle it out for the NFL’s top prize.

On Saturday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will announce the league’s new postseason format, which will see each of the four playoff teams play each other four times.

Each team will get to pick their two best defensive players, while the other team will play its two best offensive players.

The winner will face the team with the worst record.

With the new format, the Atlanta-New Orleans Saints will have to take a big step forward if they want to make it into the playoffs.

Both teams play five games each week, with the Falcons hosting the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday and the Saints hosting the New England Patriots on Thursday.

The Atlanta Falcons host the Dallas Cowboy on Sunday.

Source: Fox Sports/TwitterThe two teams will play four games in the first week, which is the first time in the league history that teams have played four games each.

Atlanta and New Orleans both had a 3-6 record in 2017, so the Falcons will have a lot to prove in their first playoff game against the Cowboys.

Both teams will also play the New York Giants on Sunday, and both teams are currently 4-1 in the preseason.

However, the Giants have had some issues this preseason, with a loss to the Seattle Seahawks and a loss against the Arizona Cardinals, so this will be an exciting matchup for the Saints.

The Giants will be looking to keep pace with the rest of the NFC West and the NFC South, while New Orleans will be trying to get a win over a struggling San Francisco 49ers squad that has been playing badly.

Both the Falcons and Saints have been getting good starts this preseason.

Both have started the season with wins, and the Falcons are also 1-1 against NFC West teams.

The New Orleans Pelicans and the Dallas Mavericks are both 2-2, but both teams have gotten off to solid starts this season.

The Pelicans are currently 3-0 and the Mavericks are 3-1, so it’s likely that New Orleans is the favorite in the divisional round.

The NFC East is pretty evenly matched, but the Giants and Saints could end up being the two teams that make the most of their matchups.

It’s likely the New Saints will be in the NFC title game, but it could be the Falcons that win the NFC East.

The Falcons were 2-1 last season against the NFC North, but this season they’ve only played two games against the Eagles.

The Falcons and Giants have played each other in the postseason before, and while the Giants won that matchup in five games, they lost to the Falcons in four.

This year, New Orleans could have a chance to make history.

Both of the teams have the potential to be the favorites in the playoff race, but there are some things that both teams need to get right.

New Orleans has to be better in the secondary, while Atlanta has to keep winning games and make it to the Super Bowl.

If New Orleans does get the better of the two, it could get the nod over Atlanta in the final two games of the season.

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