Why Rutgers fans aren’t ready to celebrate the New England Patriots win

The Rutgers football team is just days away from hosting the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament, but a few fans are still feeling the sting of disappointment over a loss.

While Rutgers fans were thrilled to see the Scarlet Knights beat No. 13 Wisconsin, they’re still not ready to rejoice in the fact the Scarlet Knight won, ESPN reports.

After the game, which the Scarlet Kings won 80-63, some fans on social media shared photos of a Rutgers fan wearing a red “N” jersey.

The fans have since deleted the photo, but not before sharing their reactions.

Rutgers’ Kyle Davis says Rutgers fans should have “celebrated” their victory over Wisconsin.

“If they were happy to be there with their teammates, celebrating the win, celebrating how we won, then I don’t know how they feel.

But they’re not, and they should be,” Davis told ESPN.

When asked if he would ever watch the Rutgers-Wisconsin game again, Davis responded: “I don’t care.”