How to fix the NFL’s broken preseason schedule

We are going to tackle this with some common sense, but it’s important to remember that it’s a problem with the NFL that hasn’t been fixed.

The NFL has been under the microscope lately for the way the regular season is being set up.

There are reports that the NFLPA has been demanding the league make a schedule change to prevent the teams from going out on the road and putting the rest of the league at a disadvantage.

In a recent statement to USA Today, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said, “The NFL needs to take a hard look at the schedule system and fix it for the future.”

While it may seem like a simple fix, that’s not really what the league is doing.

The league is using the preseason as a way to make sure teams don’t go on the back of the other division in the NFL.

The season is supposed to end on Sunday, but teams are being allowed to play on the weekend.

That means teams can get home-and-home games during the regular week and away games during games on the week.

That could give teams an edge in the first week of the season, which could potentially result in a few wins.

In the end, that may not make much of a difference, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hurting the league.

The regular season runs from January 4 to March 1, and it only has three weeks, which means teams will have three weeks to prepare.

It’s not like they’re playing at home and then taking it to a neutral site and playing in a neutral stadium.

The best way to fix this problem is to eliminate the home-field advantage altogether.

That would require the league to play the entire regular season on Sundays and the playoffs on Mondays.

That’s something the league seems unwilling to do.

There’s also another solution, which is to keep teams in the playoffs and eliminate the playoffs entirely.

This is a solution the league has been working on for years, but with the current schedule and how the season is set up, it’s unlikely to be implemented anytime soon.

The most recent example of a playoff system being scrapped comes from the NFL in 2016.

The league announced it was going to change the way it ran the regular seasons, giving teams three games per season instead of two.

That was a huge step toward eliminating the preseason and creating a playoff format.

In a statement to ESPN, the NFL said,The NFL is committed to moving forward on this important issue and will continue to work with the players and their union to resolve this important and complex issue.