Adidas unveils its new football cleat: The most powerful cleats on the market

Adidas, which is under investigation by the US government over its sponsorship of anti-gay groups, has launched a new football boot that has a unique design that lets the wearer wear the cleats in a different position to the one on their head.

The “Flamin’ Frog”, a one-off design, uses a high-density foam to give the cleat an almost “flying” feel, Adidas said in a statement on Monday.

“With the introduction of the ‘Flaming Frog’, we aim to deliver the cleate to as many fans as possible,” Adidas said.

“We hope to have a variety of styles in the future.”

Adidas’ cleat design was inspired by the fictional frog that is the protagonist of the 1984 film Frogs.

The frog’s face, which has been altered by the frog’s skin to make it appear more masculine, is shown as a symbol of power and dominance, the company said.

It is also the cleated shape that the shoe is meant to be worn with in an attempt to show that the cleata is flexible and will stay in place even after it has been played.

The new football shoe will go on sale in September.

The shoes are made by adidas’ “Flukyfeet” brand, which focuses on innovation and technology, with a focus on making athletic shoes that have the flexibility to take abuse and abuse to wear.

The cleat was developed by a team of designers at adidas.

It is part of a new Adidas line that includes the “Tallfoot” cleat, which was launched in 2015, and the “Flimkin’ Frog” cleata, which debuted in 2016.