How to be a better Gator: a guide for men and women

The football world is a tough place, but it’s not just for women.

Here’s how to be better at football, according to the Reddit community of men and female football fans.1.

Be a man.

If you’re looking for some men’s advice, this is a good place to start.

“Men are usually good at this,” one redditor wrote.

“We have our own culture, our own expectations and expectations are different for men than women, so it can be a little more challenging to get it right.”2.

Get your own coach.

The gator world is not a very good place for a women’s coach.

Some of the best coaches in the country aren’t women.

Instead, they are men.

One redditor explained: “I have a friend who’s been coaching football for 15 years.

He’s got a very specific way of coaching football that I think is so important to a women that I would never coach him.

He thinks of it as his own business.”3.

Listen to your coach.

Another redditor said: “Women are a little less likely to coach than men.

Men are usually better at it than women.

The most important thing is to listen to your own voice and let it guide your approach.

It’s not about what your coach says or what you’re doing.

It comes from your own experience and your own understanding.”4.

Listen and pay attention.

Another Redditor said that the best thing women can do is to “listen and pay more attention to what your coaches are saying.

Don’t be afraid to listen and pay a little attention to the words that your coach is saying.

Pay more attention because it’s more important than what your own team or coach says.”5.


“Pay more attention and pay less attention because your coach will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Pay attention to their words and pay even more attention when you are speaking to a coach who is a woman.”6.

Don, don’t be shy.

“If a woman is being nice to you, you should say thank you,” another redditor noted.

“She’s going to be more polite.

If a woman’s being mean to you she should say no.

If your coach makes you feel uncomfortable, stop talking to her and tell her that she is being mean.”7.

Know your gender.

When asked to list five things that women do better at than men, the community of male football fans responded with: “Be nice to other women, be helpful, be caring, and be supportive.”8.

Get in shape.

A woman can get in shape better than a man, but a lot of guys get in pain because they don’t exercise.

“It takes a lot more effort,” one man explained.

“A lot of times, the way I do it is I go to the gym and I work on one exercise for 20 minutes.

That works.

I don’t go to a gym and then go and work on another one.”

Another reddited said: “[The exercise] is one exercise that has to be done one after another.

The best way is to just take the time and go out for a walk and then come back and do that exercise again.”9.

Have a plan.

“Do the same thing for everyone.

I will do the same things for everyone and do them as often as I can.”

Another redditor shared this advice: “Do not do the exact same thing.

There are so many things that we can do that are going to help a lot.

For example, we can add a lot to our diet, and we can change the way we eat.

We can get up in the morning and eat healthy.

We’re not trying to do the impossible but we are trying to get in better shape.”10.

Be positive.

“I’ve noticed that most of my female friends have a very positive attitude and I think this is something that is important for them.

When I ask them to do something or do something for me, I want them to think positive,” one male redditor remarked.

“There is no way to change their mind.

They’re going to do it.”11.

Pay closer attention to your team.

“For men, it’s a little bit easier because they have a lot going on and they can see it all, but for women, it can get a little harder because they can be more focused and it can become a little hard to see how they’re doing,” a redditor pointed out.12.

Listen, pay attention and be patient.

“Watch your team as much as possible, pay close attention to everything you hear, and make sure you are paying attention and paying attention to every little detail.

There’s so much to take in and it’s hard to take everything in.

And there are so few things you can do about it.

Pay close attention and get it done,” one Redditor concluded.