India v Pakistan: Three weeks to go in ODI series

India and Pakistan are scheduled to play three games in a week beginning on Sunday in the first ODI between the two teams, the third match taking place on Saturday in Lahore.

The first game between the teams will be played on Friday.

The second match, in Islamabad, will be a four-match ODI.

After this, India will play in three games, with the final game in Karachi being a five-match series, with three ODIs taking place in Lahores.

The final match will be in Karachi on Sunday.

The two teams have been locked in a stalemate since India won the ODI title by a wicket at home in September.

India’s team-mates have been the focus of criticism over their preparation, with batsman Harbhajan Singh and opener Rishi Shastri being the most outspoken.

India had conceded three hundred and four runs at an average of 21.40 in its previous matches.

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