How Michigan State fans are ‘finally’ getting their college football fix

Michigan State football fans are finally getting their own college football team, thanks to the support of a local brewery.

In an Instagram post, West Virginia Brewing Company, a brewery based in East Rutherford, West Va., has shared an exclusive look at the logo for the Spartans, a team that will make its first trip to Ann Arbor in 2021.

The team will be officially unveiled in the spring of 2021, but fans will be able to follow the team’s journey on Instagram starting on May 25, 2019. 

According to the post, the logo is inspired by the color blue, with the word ‘Spartans’ above a Spartan helmet, with a small Spartan crest on the helmet. 

The team’s first official home game will be on Sept. 12 against Ohio State. 

“Our new home in Ann Arbor is a beautiful, iconic building that is reminiscent of the historic Spartan Stadium from the 1920s,” West Virginia Beer Co. owner Jim Branson said in the Instagram post. 

Brick by brick, the brewery has created custom designs for the home of Michigan State University and the Spartan Stadium, the only building in the United States that houses the school’s football team. 

West Virginia Beer Company’s Facebook page has more details on the beer: “West Virginia is proud to partner with the @MichiganStateBeerCo on this incredible new project!

We will be sharing a look at some of our designs in the coming months as we get closer to the unveiling.

We are so excited to share these new designs with fans and the community!”

Branson told on Monday.

“The new logo and new branding for the Michigan State Football program is very much based on the original design of the iconic stadium from the 1940s. 

It’s an incredibly important and iconic design and we want to take advantage of it.”

West Virginia’s first season in Anniston will be the first of the 2019 season, when the team plays at Auburn on Sept, 25, 2020. 

After its first home game, the team will travel to Georgia for a Sept. 5 game against South Carolina. 

Branson said the beer company will also offer fans a special brew at the first home contest. 

When the team is on the road, it will be a special beer with a special flavor and aroma. 

And for the first time, the beer will be brewed by the brewery’s own brewmaster, Joe McAlister, who has been working on the team for nearly a decade. 

McAlister has also brewed the beer for the University of Virginia and Penn State, and he said he was inspired to work on the Wolverines’ logo by the team.

“This is the first step toward what will be my dream,” McAlisters told ESPN on Monday morning.

“I have to get it done and it’s just the beginning of what I hope to accomplish.

I can’t wait to share it with you.”