Why you should take the Eagles and Seahawks to the Super Bowl

There’s nothing like being able to watch the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks play in the Superdome.

And as the world knows, the Superbowl has been a massive success for the NFL.

So, in an effort to keep the event exciting, the NFL has decided to give away a whopping $1 million of tickets to fans attending Sunday’s game in the new stadium in Atlanta.

It will be the first Super Bowl in which the $1.9 billion stadium will have a capacity of 18,000 people, and will be played on the gridiron at the Georgia Dome, home of the Atlanta Braves.

It’s an ambitious move, to say the least, and it’s not the first time the NFL and Georgia has done it.

The NFL also partnered with Georgia to create the Georgia State Fair, and now, it’s planning to make the Superbowl a part of the state’s celebrations, too.

The game is going to be a major event for Georgia, and this year’s edition will be bigger than ever.

The NFL says the new Super Bowl will be held at a venue that will be part of Georgia State University’s campus, and the stadium will be located in the city of Atlanta.

The stadium will also host other major events including a fireworks show, a ribbon cutting ceremony, a community event, and more.

Fans are going to love the fact that the Georgia Superbowl will be televised on the CBS Sports Network, and CBS will be broadcasting it from the Atlanta-Fulton County Coliseum, which will also be used for a Super Bowl event in the future.

A big part of being a big fan of the NFL is the way it treats its athletes.

The league has an active list of its players who have played in the NFL, and for years, fans have been eagerly anticipating the big game.

But the Georgia-based Super Bowl team is hoping to make sure that it’s seen as a part and parcel of the city that they’re playing in.

“We’re excited to be here, and we look forward to playing in front of a very passionate and loyal fanbase,” Georgia head coach Kirby Smart said in a statement.

“We know that this is going be a special game for Atlanta, and look forward for all the great fans that will come out to support our football team.”

The stadium will host the Superlative College Football Playoff, and as such, it will be an interesting event for fans to see how the game is viewed.

There is no set date when the Super Bowl will be broadcast on CBS, but it’s anticipated to be at least three months away.

It’s also expected that the game will be hosted on ABC, which has had some of the biggest games in recent years.

So far, there have been no reports of serious injuries or fatalities associated with the Supergame, which was announced as the biggest sports event of the year in November.