How to get a free ticket to the NCAA football game against Clemson on Aug. 22 in Clemson stadium

NCAAs game against the Clemson Tigers on Aug 22 will be free for Clemson fans, according to a new promotion on Ticketmaster.

The promotion, which was first spotted on Twitter and Facebook by Clemson fan and Clemson grad student Michael Williams, allows Clemson fans to redeem tickets for a free game against Oklahoma State or Oklahoma.

The promotion is also available to those who are interested in attending the Clemson vs. Oklahoma State game on Sept. 10.

The Clemson vs Oklahoma State match on Sept 10 is free to Clemson fans who sign up for the Clemson+ACC program, according the Clemson-Oklahoma State match offer.

The Clemson-Oregon State match is also free to the Clemson fan.

The Oklahoman is also offering Clemson-OSU game tickets as part of the Clemson Plus program, which gives Clemson fans the chance to attend a $5,000 scholarship dinner for OSU players.

The new promotion was first seen by a Clemson fan on Twitter, and it appears to be limited to the university’s home stadium.

Clemson is also using the same promotion with its home games, including a free home date with Alabama.

Clemson also offered Clemson-UCLA game tickets, but those tickets are also limited to Clemson alumni.