How to watch Purdue football games

If you are a Purdue fan, the only thing you need to know about the Purdue football program is that the Boilermakers are in the thick of the Big Ten.

The Boilermaker offense is in full swing, the defense is playing solid football and the offense is dominating the ballgame.

And now, the Boilers are in a bowl game.

That is a pretty big deal, especially when you consider that Purdue was ranked as low as No. 7 in the latest AP Top 25 Poll.

“I think we have the best chance of winning this thing,” Boilerheads coach Bo Ryan said.

Purdue is going to need every single thing going against them to get into a bowl and they just need to take advantage of the opportunities that are here for them to do that.

It is a big game for Purdue and its new coach, Bo Ryan, and his team.

“We are going to be a little bit out of it,” Ryan said of the bowl game, according to the Associated Press.

“But if we win this one, we are going into a really good spot.”

The Boilers were ranked 22nd in the preseason poll and 22nd nationally after winning two games in a row against ranked opponents.

Now they will face Purdue and No. 1 Alabama.

The Associated Press released its Top 25 poll on Wednesday.

The Top 25 is a composite of the poll results from each week of the season and includes teams that have won five or more games.

Purdue was the only team in the Top 25 to not have its season ended by a loss.

Ryan is confident that the offense will be better than it was last season, and Purdue is on the rise.

Purdue has a new head coach in Mike Riley, a quarterback that was named the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year.

Ryan said Riley is “one of the best coaches we have in the country” and he thinks Riley is going “to get us to where we want to be.”

Ryan said he has a lot of confidence in Riley, who he has known for years.

“He has been around a long time and he’s a great leader,” Ryan added.

“If he can get us where we need to be, he can do it.”

Ryan also said Riley and the Boilers will be playing a big part in determining whether the Boils will be in the top five in the final AP poll.

“This team is playing a great game, they are playing a good football team and they are going up against one of the most talented teams in the league,” Ryan told the Associated Post.

“They are a really tough team.

They are going against the best team in football and they know it.”

Purdue and Alabama have met three times this season.

Purdue defeated the Tigers 34-17 last year and then lost 26-20 to Alabama in the Big 10 championship game in 2017.

The Tigers were the No. 5 team in both the AP and USA Today polls last season and finished as the nation’s top team in passing offense.

But Ryan said the Boiles’ offense is capable of beating Alabama.

“Alabama’s defense is not that good, so they are a little beatable on the ground,” Ryan, who is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, told the AP.

“Purdue is going up there and they will be able to put a couple of different types of guys on their side.”

Ryan added that the defense will be “a little bit better” and the offensive line is “getting better.”

Purdue’s defense has struggled this season and is tied for 12th nationally with 31 sacks.

The team was ranked 24th in the AP Poll last season with 12 sacks.

Ryan told CBS Sports he thinks Purdue will be a better team when the defense and offense play at a high level.

“My feeling is that Purdue is playing better,” Ryan stated.

“Their offense has been better than their defense.

They have a better quarterback, a better running back, a great defense.

I think they have a great chance to win.”

Purdue beat the Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff in 2017 and now is ranked in the rankings, but Ryan said there will be no rush to pick a team for the playoff.

“The Playoff is still the only way we get to that,” Ryan admitted.

“No one is rushing to do it.

There is nothing in it that’s really going to make you a winner.

We are going through this week and I think we will be OK.”

The Associated State College Football Awards will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Sunday, Jan. 31.

The AP Top 15 poll, released by the Associated Athletics Foundation on Monday, is based on the AP Top 50 Polls and the AP National Polls.

The rankings include a team’s performance in the last 10 weeks.

The poll includes the Associated Sports Media and Associated Press Top 25 polls, as well as the AP Coaches Poll.

It was compiled by the AP Foundation and includes media members who cover college football, including CBS Sports