Why ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Nick Cannon’s father might be on the hot seat

When his father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Nick Cannon Jr. was a regular on the TV show “The Duck Dynasty.”

Now, the star of the popular reality TV show is on the brink of being fired from “Duck.”

The show has been a ratings success, but now the family is facing legal issues after a jury awarded a $4 million judgment against the family of the patriarch of the family.

Nick Cannon Sr. filed for bankruptcy earlier this year after his father’s condition deteriorated, the New York Post reported.

Nick Jr., who is currently a college football player at the University of Southern California, is also seeking a restraining order against his father, according to the paper.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Nick Jr. claimed that he was suffering from “mental illness” and “mental impairment” when he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

He said he needed help and “was not able to meet the standards for care and treatment.”

The family also alleged that he did not receive proper medical care.

A judge dismissed the claims in January.

“Ducking Dynasty” star Nick Cannon, left, and wife Kristy.

source Vice Sports title Former NFL star NickCannonSays his Dad’s Parkinson’s Could Have Been a Successful Business Opportunity article Nick Cannon, the son of NFL star Michael Cannon, was arrested last week in Florida for driving with a suspended license.

The former NFL star told The Associated Press on Tuesday that his father had a successful career in the business world, but that his own life had been a roller coaster.

“It’s the kind of thing you have to have some kind of inner turmoil about and be really careful about,” he said.

“My dad is a really hard worker and a very kind and caring person.

He has been through this before and he’s still here.

He’s still doing what he loves to do.”

The Cannon family sued for wrongful termination and wrongful imprisonment in November.

The family is now seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

Cannon Sr., who was fired from his job at the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams and has been living at his parents’ home since his father passed away, told the AP that he believed his father would never have left the business if he were alive.

“I just think if you had to choose between your dad and yourself, you would choose your dad,” he told the newspaper.

“You wouldn’t choose your mom.”